The requirements for MSc in Pesticides and Plant Protection

Structures: Mater 1: Semester 1 and 2; Master 2: Semester 3 and 4.
M1PPV01 : Data analysis 
M1PPV02 : Business management
M1PPV03 : Quality management
M1PPV04 :  Communication 
M1PPV05 :   Bibliographic research and Scientific writing
M1PPV06 : Biology and ecology of bio-pests
M1PPV07 : Pesticides: chemistry, biochemistry and modes of action
M1PPV08 : Resistance mechanisms
M1PPV09 : Toxicology and ecotoxicology of pesticides
M1PPV10 : Elements of agronomy
M2PPV11 : Chemical control of animal pests
M2PPV12 : Chemical control of plant pests
M2PPV13 :  Alternatives to chemical control and integrated pest management
M2PPV14 : Legal, sanitary and socio-economic aspects of pesticides 
M2PPV15 : Field Work
M2PPV16 : Thesis writing and defence


  • standard tests
  • Extended written responses
  • Performance assessment
  • Personal communication


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